Balanced Parenting

Balanced Parenting

Balanced parenting involves:

  • parenting from a personal state of balance
  • keeping the needs of all family members in balance


Everyone knows that taking care of oneself as a parent serves as a strong foundation for raising young people. How do we go about doing this while living a busy lifestyle? Well, taking proper care of ourselves involves prioritizing sleep, exercise, support, etc., in addition to treating ourselves with compassion, which only takes seconds at a time.

In my work with parents, we examine perceptions and gradually shift to a new way of understanding and thinking about everything from self-regard to triggers. We also address habits and old patterns that no longer serve you, and integrate new daily practices.

Often, family communication develops some patterns that form a wedge between people. In our work together, you will learn how to handle conflict and learn to listen and communicate in a way that builds connection and reaches the deeper level of your shared humanity.