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Paige Zarganis Williar, M.Ed. is a communication coach, consultant and progressive trainer who applies a collaborative approach to help groups thrive-both as individuals and as a unit. As a learning specialist, she applies her knowledge of neuroscience in refining tools for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Paige incorporates a variety of modalities and themes, including Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Dynamic Governance, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology in her work with groups of all types, including families, teams, organizations, academic institutions and corporations.

Personal note from Paige: When we look at the current patterns we’re employing, we can determine how well they’re serving us and others. Often, those patterns drain our energy and disconnect us from each other. A few simple tools can develop new energizing patterns, propelling us forward in an environment where individuals-and the community-can grow and thrive. Sharing these tools fulfills my purpose in life, which is to foster deeper connections with, and between, fellow humans.

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Dakota Zarganis, Master’s in Social Work Candidate, has worked with a wide range of clients, specializing in Positive Psychology in her work with individuals, families, schools and organizations. Her multi-disciplinary approach pairs dynamic research-based practice with insightful empathy to ignite passion, empowerment and strength for positive change in every client. Through work with Dakota, clients will develop a holistic growth plan tailored to fit their unique strengths, goals and life. After coaching, clients will feel a deeper connection to their lives and a stronger sense of meaning and peace. Dakota’s coaching has helped people and organizations from all over the world transform their visions into realities.

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