Peace365 Course:

Peace365 Course:

ANNOUNCING A NEW COURSE delivered in 365 daily emails. The messages contain both short and long segments, giving you the option of which to read each day.

cropped-cropped-logo-2 Peace 365

Achieve more inner and outer peace through a variety of strategies for self-connection, mindfulness and compassionate communication. People have found that integrating these skills into daily life fosters a sense of calm, deeper connection with self and others and overall life satisfaction.

cropped-cropped-logo-2  This course will guide you to connect more deeply with your true self. I have found that this connection naturally builds all the following areas of self: -esteem, -confidence, -awareness, -compassion and -love.

cropped-cropped-logo-2  The course also includes brain training to learn new thought patterns.

cropped-cropped-logo-2  You will learn both the consciousness and the language of nonviolent/compassionate communication, enabling you to experience more understanding and new levels of connection in your relationships.

cropped-cropped-logo-2   Mindfulness will be integrated into the course, so that you can integrate mindfulness into your life!

cropped-cropped-logo-2   Giving ourselves a vacation from the constant bustle by basking in meditation and mindfulness, feels gratifying and rejuvenating, among other benefits. These practices serve to shrink our amygdalae, so that our limbic system is no longer in the driver’s seat, so our system doesn’t fling us into-nor perpetually live in-fight, flight or freeze of worry, anxiety, anger, ruminating, etc. Through regular mindfulness and meditation, we default to our natural state of calm, with full access to our frontal lobe and hippocampus, including reason and perspective needed to navigate relationships, work and life.

cropped-cropped-logo-2   As the course progresses, you might notice a ripple effect of progress in other areas of your life, as mindfulness gives us a far wider perspective on everything, as well as generating new neural pathways.

Peace 365 is designed for optimum learning, efficiency and permanence. Practicing skills in repeated small segments will create lasting change.

Enrich your life by integrating meaningful habits into your everyday life. Practice makes permanent!

Sliding scale pricing is as follows:

Household income (in USD)

  • under $20,000: $25.00
  • $20,000-$40,000: $40.00
  • $40,000-$60,000: $55.00
  • $60,000-$80,000: $70.00
  • $80,000-$100,000: $85.00
  • Over $100,000: $100
Payment plans are available; inquire in comment section below.

Payment methods:


Check (Instructions and address will be emailed to you)