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Author: admin1

How often are you distracted?
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Happiness increases when we are in the present moment, fully engaged in what we are currently doing. Two questions to ask yourself: How much of your daily life are you truly present for? How much of your daily life would you like be truly present for? If your next question is, “but how??” Look under  Minfulness

What’s your perspective on stress?
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Notice what you tell yourself about stress, especially regarding your health and resilience. That little background voice can be pretty subtle, but it’s worth taking the time to observe your beliefs around stress.     Fill out the form below for a free 15 minute stress consultation:

A Logical Approach to Anxiety or Overwhelm
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When you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, use logic and keep the feelings out of it.

The Present is the Greatest Gift
September 16, 2015 TINY THOUGHTS admin1

Sometimes we have trouble slowing down and taking time to do things for ourselves but as you know, when we do slow down and nurture ourselves, the benefits are immeasurable. The first step is to believe that we deserve to be happy and fulfilled. blossoming and thriving through the loving attention we give to ourselves and

Thought Stories
September 9, 2015 TINY THOUGHTS admin1

When I’m on a train of thought-especially a blame train or pain train, the train ride is through a story land, where I use blame or criticism or judgment to explain behavior and even come to believe things about myself or others. The beauty of being on that train of thought is that once I’m