Collaborative Culture

Collaborative Culture

Organizations thrive when members build a culture of mutual respect and cooperation. Morale, attendance and productivity increase, while creativity and problem-solving expand noticeably. Collaborative cultures allow people to focus energy on moving the business or organization forward, instead of draining time and energy through unresolved  conflict and grievances.

The skills  required for creating a culture of collaboration are trainable and accessible to people once they learn to discern reactive patterns and practice proactive ones. I work with companies, schools, intentional communities  and other organizations to train individuals, teams or the entire population in these skills.

Often, I am contacted because the level of tension and disagreement have reached intolerable levels. Individuals and groups have developed “enemy images”* of each other and the environment has become unpleasant and the differences in opinion or approach cause major inefficiencies and conflicts.

Do not despair, as the differing opinions-even the most unpopular-often contain gems of insights and ideas. Working together, we develop a system that will propel teams -and the entire organization- to  progress and continue on a forward trajectory.

*a term used by Marshall Rosenberg